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COVADAPT large-scale scientific study: impacts and adaptation in the face of the COVID-19 crisis

The global crisis due to the coronavirus COVID-19 in 2020 is unique in world history in its scale and impact. We need to overcome this crisis, but we also need to understand how best to help the individuals experiencing it, at all scales. We need to understand the social, mental health, and crisis management impacts…
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High Patronage brings meaning to us because it supports and supports all of the scientific work carried out in close collaboration with our scientific teams. Innovative and integrative studies (cognition, physiology, psychology, environments) which aim to understand human capacities for adaptation. Research that will better prepare human groups for the world of tomorrow! This is…
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Étienne Koechlin win 2019 Lamonica Prize in Neurology

Congratulations to Étienne Koechlin, Director of the Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Laboratory of the ENS and Director of Research at the INSERM He 2019 Lamonica Prize in Neurology rewards Etienne Koechlin’s research work on the functions of the frontal lobe in decision-making, reasoning and judgment that underlie human thought and behavior, including in complex situations.…
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